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Credit Cards

Today, millions of people apply for credit cards, but not everyone receives approval. Credit cards are great for both personal and business use as they provide easy access to money. Whether you wish to build credit or raise your rating, a new card can be a great way to achieve your goals. However, many people are misguided, so they never qualify. Same as a loan, each card is different, and you should not be applying for one that doesn’t match your credit rating.

Financial Geniuses to the rescue

Your credit score is affected every time a bank rejects your credit card application. Verily, we help you choose the right one based on a multitude of crucial factors.


The annual percentage rate is the borrowing cost that arises when you fail to repay the bank every month. Every card has a different APR, and we help you compare rates to select the right one.

Interest rates

While most banks offer similar interest rates, introductory discounts can make all the difference. With a new card, you usually pay a lower interest rate in the first few months. However, this gradually increases, and the long-term rate is what matters.


Every credit card comes with a set of different fees. Your legal agreement outlines all the services the bank will charge you for.

Minimum balance repayment

When you fail to repay the monthly balance, you must give the bank a small percentage of your spending. Each bank offers a different rate; verily, this is a significant factor.

Loyalty points

When you exceed a certain spending limit, you get to enjoy special retail offers. The loyalty point program varies for each bank, so check their requirements when you issue a new card for personal use.

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Have a bad credit score? Don’t worry; some banks will still accommodate you. Our list of cards for bad credit will help you improve your score. Please note that the requirements for each of these may vary, so carefully select the most suitable option.

Credit Cards for Fair Credit

If you’re interested in improving your credit, check this list out. Some of these cards even offer loyalty programs and rewards. Moreover, from fraud protection to zero fees, these have many compelling benefits.

Credit cards for great credit

If you’re lucky enough to have excellent credit, don’t settle for subpar cards. Our list features the best credit cards to maximize your spending opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Client information and Recommendations

Credit repair is 100% legal. It works because of a law called “The Fair Credit Reporting Act.” The FCRA gives you the right to dispute any item on your credit report. If that item cannot be verified within a reasonable time (usually 30 days) it must be removed. Even accurate negative items can often be removed or negotiated away. This law is the basis of all credit repair and the foundation of our business.

Of course you do. By law, the agencies must give you a free report annually. However those free reports do not contain scores. For credit repair scores we recommend an inexpensive credit monitoring service.

A credit score is a number generated by a mathematical formula that is meant to predict credit worthiness. Credit scores range from 300-850. The higher your score is, the more likely you are to get a loan. The lower your score is, the less likely you are to get a loan. If you have a low credit score and you do manage to get approved for credit then your interest rate will be much higher than someone who had a good credit score and borrowed money. So, basically, having a high credit score can save many thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage, auto loan, or credit card.

Credit Education