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At Financial Geniuses, we understand that your business needs funding to grow. No matter which industry you operate in, business loans can help your venture take flight. However, getting access to funding can be difficult, especially from a bank. Verily, we connect you with different lenders so you can choose the best.

Not sure if you qualify for a business loan? Here's all you need to know.

Credit score

If you need some extra money for your business, you must have a good credit rating. As a business owner, your personal credit matters a lot; such that a positive history of repayments makes you eligible for better loan terms in the future.


Debt Service Coverage Ratio
An important factor in all business loans is the business's DSCR. DSCR is the Net Operating Income to Annual Debt Service Ratio. Underwriters typically want no more than 1.25 but varies.

Business value

If your brand has been around for over two years, you can get funding easily. Most lenders don’t like giving money to startups as they do not have a track record.


Loans backed with collateral show lenders that you won’t just run away with their money. Verily, if you’re having trouble getting a business loan, try applying for one with collateral.

Industry Risk

Depending on the industry you operate in; it may be harder to get funding. Some lenders are reluctant to invest in volatile niches.

Most common types of business loans

These are best suited for entrepreneurs who do not need significantly large amounts of funding.

These loans cater to companies with an established repute and significant funding requirements.

These are meant for business owners who require flexible funding to meet their short-term monetary needs.

These loans are best suited for emerging SMEs and startups. The quality of your business idea can help you get better terms.

We help you get the right kind of funding

Experts at Financial Geniuses assist you in meeting all the requirements that qualify you for a business loan. We also help you select the loan most suited to your specific business needs.

Business Loans