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Financial Geniuses provides financial consultancy and solutions to our clients. We assist individuals and businesses in attaining their monetary goals through our careful assessment of all financial situations.

Financial Geniuses came through at a time when I had all but run out of options. They really care about helping people and not just viewing them as a $$$. FinancialGeniuses really take their time & put in the effort necessary! I promise I will make sure to come right back to you in another case of emergency. Thanks to the whole team!

Ronald Norris

Through the help and guidance of the gentleman at Financial Geniuses I was able to see my credit score go from the mid 600s to over 700 in under a year. And all this time I had been wondering, if getting my credit score to be any higher is even possible! Keeping this all in my mind, words cannot describe how thankful I am for the services provided here!

David Stewart

I stumbled upon the Financial Geniuses website while looking into getting a PPP loan. Little did I know that after submitting my form with the documents attached I would be receiving $17,225 in less than 2 weeks after submission. The guys were transparent and honest from the beginning never any surprises and I'm thankful for them. Truly a blessing!

Samantha Davis

Worked directly with Morris he was very professional and took care of everything in a timely manner. Hats off to the guy for being so patient, understanding and forthcoming. Explained the process to me in advance and then made sure to deliver what was promised! I trust them 100% and will certainly be a repeated customer!

Andrew Perez

Thank you guys for helping me secure funds through the PPP program. It was so much easier & quicker than I thought! Before I came to you, I went to two other similar service providers, and they didn't pay any kind of respect even when discussing. I am incredibly thankful. Kudos to Morris & the team!

Danielle Simmons

I'll tell you what I'm used to jumping through a million hoops before I get to where I need to be. This company is truly a breath of fresh air. Long story short I needed a loan credit wasn't the best I was told "give us 24hrs and we'll have something for you." Didn't take that long in less than 12 hours I was matched with 3 lenders. May not seem like much to you but actually being able to go about my day and not spend hours applying here and there was awesome. Thanks gents!

Eric O' Keefe

Thanks for helping me file and obtain my PPP funds. FinancialGeniuses made sure to take care of my financial situation and I can now finally slowly get back on my feet all because of them! Morris, you're the man!

Brad Helms

Let's keep it short and sweet, you need help with loans of any sort look no further. Thank me later!

Jonathon Morris

I'd like to thank the guys at Financial Geniuses for getting me over $7000 in PPP funds. I'm forever thankful for the support!

Shelly Pittman

Thanks for making the entire process so easy. I couldn't be more thankful to Morris & the whole FinancialGeniuses team!

Leslie Williams

Full transparency with no pitfalls, I'm astounded keep doing things the right way gentleman, I look forward to seeing your growth.

Byron Jones

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